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February 13, 2020 - February 16, 2020



About PsychoNeuroEnergetics


Judith Johnson developed PsyhoNeuroEnergetics (PNE) as a powerful and effective way to clear traumatic paralysis, emotional dysfunction, and limiting perceptions of reality from the deepest levels of our being, freeing us to live in the full expression on our natural way of being.


Thoughts, beliefs and emotions perpetuated by survival instincts and protective mechanisms in crisis situations may not always be in alignment with our truth. The body has a way of knowing the pathways for the unwinding of these blocked energies and anything that is out of alignment with the truth of our being – we just need to know how to listen and follow its lead.


Each PNE session draws on the deep language and innate wisdom of the body to resolve survival patterning and create a true alignment at every level.


From a scientific approach a PNE sessions , sustained pressure on specific places on the body will assist the vagus nerve to regulate, and release the energy that keeps the nerve held in contraction, it when the vagus nerve regulates, sensations, belief, emotions that the body has been holding is released. These traumatic patterns need to be processed through in order for the body to move into a flow of transformation and healing.


To support this process Judith has developed the regenerative living program, this program uses food and supplements to support our fullest expression


Judith Johnson has hands of gold, and such a sharp intuition that she flies straight to the source of your discomfort. With the precision of a surgeon, she uses a simple yet brilliant technique of holding trigger points, while guiding you in a perfect extraction of whatever disrupts the free flow of energy throughout your body, mind and spirit. Judith is a woman of profound depth and experience, who creates a perfectly safe space as she exudes unconditional acceptance through every pore of her being.

Joy Gardner, author of 12 books, including Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras