Sieglinde Hieronymus

Teacher, Practitioner, European Coordinator



Sieglinde lives in the town of Buching

Sieglinde lives in the town of Buching, near Munich, Germany. She began training with Judith Johnson 
in 1995.

She has a degree as a naturopathic physician (Heilpraktiker) and massage therapist.

Since 1999, she has been seeing clients at a holistic healing clinic. She also has her own practice with PNE and other body-oriented methodologies, such as microkinesiology ( and NES Health (

Catalina Ureta

Senior Teacher, Practitioner
Catalina Ureta

Catalina Ureta was born in Chile, in the shadow of the magical Andes mountains. After years of spiritual study in Chile, she courageously moved to the United States to continue her spiritual and healing work.

She is a senior teacher of psychoneuroenergetics and the West Coast coordinator. In addition to her study of psychoneuro-energetics, she was one of the first to be certified in Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Peter Levine. For over 17 years, Catalina has continued to refine Somatic Experiencing and is credited with developing The Holding Points Process and founding the Somatic Institute.

Catalina has also trained in Body Electronics with Dr John Whitman Ray and is a certified kinesiologist and craniosacral therapist.

Catalina’s incredible knowledge of the body’s subtle energies and neurological system make her work both penetrating and powerful. She is gifted with an intuitive ability to understand how energy becomes blocked in the human body and expertly incorporates techniques that release trapped emotions.

Catalina Ureta works from her office in Los Angeles, California. She offers one-on-one private sessions, including sessions for children, and group consultations.,