Teacher Training Course

The purpose of this training is to teach and empower PNE practitioners as instructors for the workshops and the practitioner training course. Teacher trainees will receive instruction and participate in a period of internship.  The internship will involve assisting in retreats, presenting in the webinars, presenting to groups of practitioner trainees and workshop participants, and supervising group sessions.

Requirements for entering the teacher training program

Must have successfully completed the Practitioner Training Program.

Must have completed the advanced training in spinals and cranials.

Must grok the PNE process.

Demonstrates continued personal growth and development through research and modalities that enhance the practice of PNE and SRT.

Demonstrates resilience and ability to self-regulate.

Has the flexibility and fortitude to facilitate and teach individuals who are peers and colleagues within the academic and alternative realms .

Is able to be in integrity with self and hold the integrity of a group.

Has the potential presence and ability to hold the energy of a group in a training program.

Has the potential ability to present and teach through webinars and in retreat or workshop settings.

Subject to the approval of Judith Johnson.

The Program

Teacher trainees will receive in-depth instruction and hands-on experience in teaching all facets of the workshops, and the webinars and retreats of the practitioner training program.

The teacher training program will offer the chance to review what you’ve already learned, and to receive the next level of instruction. There will be plenty of hands-on practice and student-teaching opportunities.

Everyone will have the opportunity to give and receive PNE and somatic sessions, spinals and cranial sessions within the context of practitioner training retreats.

Teacher trainees will be available to assist in food prep, clean-up, organization, presentation, and session supervision at workshops and retreats.

You will learn about the latest enhancements of the regenerative living food program in order to put your own clients and trainees on a safe and suitable diet to support their transformation.

You will need to participate in every module of a practitioner training. I’ll be providing new material on the polyvagal theory, exercises to activate cranial and vagus nerves, and the power of the breath, among other things.

Additional readings will be assigned.

Consultations on sessions and presentations will be offered through teacher training webinars.

You’ll receive additional training in trouble-shooting sessions and supporting breakthrough as part of the supervisory staff in workshops and the practitioner-training program.

You’ll receive an outline of the organization and structure of workshops and practitioner trainings, and materials for each. You’ll receive templates and tips for brochures, flyers, and newsletters.

You’ll receive advice on business and legal issues, on how to advertise, build a network of sponsors, and make an income as a PNE practitioner and teacher.

The structure of the course

This is intended to be a 1½ year course, but the length of time may vary depending on the scheduling of workshops, practitioner trainings, and other variables.

The training will be through webinars and on-site with practitioner training retreats and workshops.

Date and Location

The program will begin in December 218, with a short series of webinars. As part of your teacher training, you may choose to work with the West Coast, East Coast, or European practitioner training retreats.


The cost of the Teacher Training Course is minimal.

Attendance at practitioner training retreats is free. However, teacher trainees must pay food and lodging costs and provide their own transportation to retreats.

Attendance at practitioner webinars is free.

I am anticipating 3 or 4 teacher training webinars throughout the course, whenever it seems that we need to get together separately as a group. Teacher training webinars will be $50 each.

You will have the opportunity to purchase a package of written materials, PowerPoint presentations, and instructional videos. Cost TBA.

Attendance at the practitioner retreats for spinals and cranials will NOT be free. A $200 discount will be offered for teacher trainees who wish to master this advanced work. Teacher trainees will be expected to help hold the space and assist in whatever is needed.

Additional Benefits

As a group, we will have each other’s support.

When you are ready to start training your own people, I will be there to support you. I can be available for phone or video consultations with questions or difficulties that may arise.

You will be given a certificate to show your graduation to the level of teacher and be featured on my website as PNE teachers.