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Most of us live from the outside in, scurrying about our lives with effort, judgement, fear and longing based on someone else’s ideas of how we should be, not our own. We have lost the precious connection to ourselves, reacting to life based on our conditioning, rather than responding from our natural insight and inherent wisdom.

Grace retreats presents a 2 day experiential workshop in Florence, Italy, designed to introduce valuable tools to bring us into alignment so that we can live a more balanced life – more confidence and joy, less self doubt and effort. More insight and self understanding, less reactive, conditioned behavior.

Only when we see truth and understand our conditioned pasts, can we begin to change and transform.

Judith Johnson and Karen Joyce have been creating retreats together for over ten years and their integrative approach reflects their own personal journeys, life discoveries and teachings.

Combining ancient wisdom disciplines with modern psychology and brain-body techniques, they offer tools whose synergetic effects allow for a heightened understanding of our bodies, minds and spirits.

living from the inside out

tools for change and inner growth

regenerative foods

the impact of a high alkaline diet

yoga & movement

moving the body to create space within and awaken blockages in our energy channels.


connecting with silence and spaciousness to see and feel our inner truth.

self inquiry

elaborating personal challenges through curiosity, sensations and inner guidance

inner family systems (ifs)

a psychological approach allowing us to discover and accept the various parts of our inner worlds. learning to see and recognize sub personalities within us.

psycho.neuro.energetics (pne)

the use of pressure points and memory stimulation brings difficult events of our past to the surface so that they can be processed and released, enabling us to return to our natural way of being.