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PsychoNeuroEnergetics (PNE) Practitioner Training

Hosted by the Regenerative Living Center

and taught by Judith Johnson,

PNE practitioners, and guests

As many of you know from PsychoNeuroEnergetics (PNE) sessions, suppressed trauma, unconscious beliefs, reactive patterning, and other limited encodings can be accessed and released, dissolved, or transmuted. But it’s not all about old trauma!The deep integration of body, soul, and spirit during a session may also set the stage for beautiful experiences and understandings of inner mysteries. A PNE session is a profound and unpredictable experience.

The facilitation of a PNE session is also a gift. Holding the points powerfully trains your nervous system in “holding the space” for another person. You’ll also learn how to hold the space for your own sessions, for your unfolding life, and within larger realms.

Even if you don’t decide to practice professionally, the experiences you’ll have through the Practitioner Training course will change your life. But it does not end with the course. The development of internal skills—holding the space, reading the language of the body, moving into deeper realms of experience—and the tools for a regenerative lifestyle will provide you with a richer, more meaningful experience of life, whatever you do and wherever you go.

Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training is designed as an immersion in PNE study, experience, and practice, set within a framework of the Regenerative Living programs.The training is open to health professionals as well as individuals without prior therapeutic training. It may be utilized by those wishing to become PNE practitioners, current practitioners who want to repeat the training for further integration, and by people who simply want the training for their own personal growth and transformation.Certification will follow successful completion of the program requirements and carries various benefits and opportunities. The Practitioner Training program will cover the following areas of study:

PsychoNeuroEnergetics: Psychoneuroenergetics is based on three keystones: the foundation of electrolyte saturation, the stability provided by holding certain points on the body, and expert facilitation.

Electrolyte saturation—designed to support the nervous system in processing mental, emotional, and transformational energies—is a fundamental tool.

Participants will learn the theory and practice of point-holding sessions. Point-holdingadds the power and stability of the facilitator’s own body to that of the client. This deep connection allows for a safe, secure, unwavering crucible of transformation.

An expert facilitator follows the higher wisdom of the client’s own body and conceptual framework in reading the language of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

A facilitator helps the client build connections until a complete holographic experience, whether memory or mystery, is lived and resolved. The facilitator is also trained to handle every kind of situation that might unfold, from ordinary trauma to extraordinary experiences beyond everyday consciousness.

Facilitation involves learning to communicate and listen to different parts of the brain/body matrix as well as how to form a relationship with an individual that elicits trust and safety. We will learn how to partner with ourselves as well as others to access the dissociated places in our mind/body that were too painful to face at the time of trauma.

Somatic Release Technique (SRT): This technique is similar to PNE, but without the point-holding. Some facilitation techniques differ in order to create safety and avoid retraumatization in working without the stabilization of point-holding.

Once the nervous system has been trained to hold the space, sessions can be given at a distance by phone as easily as in the same room. You’ll be shown how to facilitate your own inner work and how to work with anyone anywhere.

Cleansing and Regeneration: The transformative power of PNE can be deepened and accelerated by cleansing the body of accumulated toxins and maintaining heath through diet and lifestyle. Electrolyte saturation, cleansing, individualized healing tips, and an alkalizing diet—especially fresh, raw food preparation—will be integral to the program.

Personal Growth and Development: Practitioner Training will provide the opportunity for each participant to explore their own personal healing and development, to hold the space of healing for others in the group, and to develop a sense of team consciousness in the transformational process. Many graduates of Practitioner Training have remained life-long friends or associates with other members of the group in which they trained.

Advanced Training: Judith will offer a second year of training for advanced personal work that includes spinal and tailbone realignment and craniosacral movement, for those who wish to continue. This is highly recommended for opening up the psychic centers. All practitioners are invited to join us for the second year; however, the spinal and cranial work will no longer be required for practitioner certification. The advanced training will be held at Judith’s home in Hillsborough, NC.

Program Logistics

The PNE Training will be a year-long program consisting of weekly teleseminars, a five-day intensive retreat with Judith, and at least four weekend practice modules supervised by experienced practitioners in your area.

The teleseminars will be 1 ½ to 2 hours long, with the same instruction offered twice each week. Participants may join in on one or both seminars, to be held Tuesday at 1 PM and Thursday at 6:30 PM (Eastern Time). With these two separate times, it is hoped that both American and European students can be accommodated. The seminars will be recorded and archived for those who wish to review them. Teleseminars will include demonstrations of the instructional content through live telesessions with participants.

Supervised weekend practice modules will be held every third month in the U.S. and Europe. Supervised practice will allow participants to develop the skills to refine and enhance their professional practice within a safe environment.

Weekend practice modules will include regenerative foods and mindful exercises for deep integration of body and mind. Housing may be available for those attending the weekend practices. Arrangements will be made by each host together with those students in their area.

The intensive retreat with Judith will involve point-holding sessions sometimes three times a day, rotating with each other and also bringing in clients from outside the training. Various points will be held, SRT work will also be exchanged, and difficult or unusual issues will be discussed and/or demonstrated in-depth. The transformational work will take place within the context of electrolyte saturation, foods for regeneration, and restoration yoga.

CalendarThe PNE Practitioner Training will begin in October 2014, with the first seminar launching on Tuesday, Oct 7, and Thursday, Oct 9.

This first seminar will provide an overview of the whole program and an introduction to the PNE. You’ll also be given initial instructions on getting started with your own Regenerative Living program.

There may be occasional weeks without a seminar, if Judith’s schedule or holidays intervene. There will be at least 42 teleseminars over the course of the year.

The intensive retreat with Judith will be offered in Hillsborough, NC, and in Buching, Germany. The Buching retreat will be held in the latter part of April 2015. The Hillsborough retreat will be in September or October 2015. It will begin the evening of the first day, continue for five full days and end the morning of the seventh day.

Enrollment and Fees

Registration is open now!

Please apply by filling out the application here.

Fees for the instructional teleseminars are $200/month and are due the day before the first Tuesday of each month. This includes the weekly seminars and the option of a private conversation with Judith by phone for any personal questions or concerns. Additional benefits include a discount on private sessions in person or by phone. The charge for private sessions is generally $250; for students, it would be $150.

The fee for the supervised practice weekends will be $150, to be paid to the supervising host.

Additional costs for food and housing will be organized and negotiated separately by each host and group.

The U.S. and the European five day  practice retreat with Judith will be $795.

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Fees can be paid by cash, check or through PayPal,

For more information about PsychoNeuroEnergetics, please see the websites http://psychoneuroenergetics.net

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