Los Angeles, CA August 22-25, 2019

PsychoNeuroEnergetics, Human Systems & The Stanley Rosenberg Method

The Course

We will explore innovative tools that have the potential to take a person from disease to health or from depression to happiness.

Thor Phillipsen will explore a medical and psychological reframing of the nervous system, including a review of neuroanatomy, as well as a synthesis of the Polyvagal Theory and Social Engagement System. He will teach exercises from the Stanley Rosenberg Method for the regulation of the vagus nerve and the enhancement of social engagement.Thor has integrated his life-long study in the healing of the nervous system into a pioneering framework called “Human Systems” (HS).

Thor has a deep and thorough scientific understanding of how the body works and how the mind and nervous system work together. He works at a profound level, intricately manipulating blood vessels, muscles, nerves and unwinding and repairing systems with incredible results.We are delighted to be able to experience his genius here in the United States.

Many times old trauma, limiting beliefs, and habitual emotional patterning can be hidden factors underlying a faulty nervous system.These subconscious structures can create devastating effects, warping the structure and function of the nervous system and various other aspects of the internal landscape. Judith Johnson, founder of PsychoNeuroEnergetics (PNE), will gently and safely guide course participants through PNE sessions to identify, resolve, and integrate issues at a cellular level. PNE is a powerful and extremely effective vagal technique.

The deep, transformative power of PNE paired with HS will unravel the tapestry of trauma and disease and advance the level of human wellness and vitality.The training for awareness of the inner being also provides a fertile ground for any spiritual practice or transformative intent.You can expect a truly holistic exploration of great personal and professional value, whether you are a health care practitioner, therapist, caregiver, or searching for answers to your own life.

HS has changed the lives of those on the autism spectrum and others with nervous system disorders and is often effective in relieving chronic pain. Many psychotherapists who have taken the PNE training are using this work exclusively with their clients because of their success rate.

This four-day course is both a complete exploration in itself and an intensive introduction to the training course for PNE and HS.

Beyond learning the tools, you will also experience the magic that is Thor and Judith.They are master teachers in their fields of expertise who have come together to provide an integrated experience of their complementary bodies of knowledge.

You will receive:

An introduction to neuroanatomy as applied to the nerves of social engagement

Stanley Rosenberg’s methods in working with the vagus nerve

Somatic theory and the language of the body PNE sessions to resolve deep underlying issues Regeneration through diet & lifestyles
How to optimize your breathing capacity Education on Human Systems (HS)

An online booklet of the Course A video of the ANS routine

An understanding of the vagus nerve and limbic circuit

and much, much more …

Who is Thor Philipsen?

Thor comes to us from Denmark. In 2018, he accompanied Stanley Rosenberg and assisted him in the courses he taught in Los Angeles and Black Mountain, NC. He taught with Judith Johnson in the same venues. Once again, this course, newly updated, is being offered.

Thor has studied a number of different healing modalities or therapies, from which he evolved his own unique approach which he has coined “Human Systems” (HS).

He has a BA in Psychomotricity Therapy, a practical method of applying psychological theories and the understanding of the physiology of the nervous system into therapeutic group exercises/movements/games and hands-on therapy. He wrote his thesis on the PolyvagalTheory in relation to the treatment of autism.

He has practiced and taught martial arts for 30+ years and massage and traditional herbal medicine for 20 years. His journey lead him to the Stanley Rosenberg Institute where he studied with Stanley and his guest teachers for 17 years. He says, “I have had the pleasure of having Stanley as my mentor for almost half my life.”

He studied at the European School of Osteopathy and has been a guest teacher at Sri Sri University in Cuttac, India, conducting the M.Sc. Education in Osteopathy.

He has taught yoga for the Art of Living Foundation for more than a decade and applies his HS work with autistic children at a municipal foster home.


Because of his knowledge and his masterful teaching skills, it is an honor to announce that I am choosing Thor Philipsen as the teacher of my work, the Stanley Rosenberg Method, which I developed over fifty years of a professional approach to body therapy.

Thor has studied with me for 17 years and achieved a complete mastery of this work. He learned the individual techniques and over the years has come to a deep understanding of how they work. Thor’s scientific brilliance and practical skills not only make him a master teacher of S. R. M., he also knows how to blend that mastery with compassion and empathy to give people the knowledge that they can use in their practice.

—Stanley Rosenberg, Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve

The Stanley Rosenberg Method is a hands-on approach to improving the structure and function of the nervous system and the body. Major shifts may be imparted through the lightest physical touch at specific areas in the connective tissue.


I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity to participate in the Sri Sri University Masters of Osteopathy program offered by Thor Phillipsen. He offered new and brilliant approaches to the understanding of the autonomic nervous system, the improvement of the lymphatic system, and increasing the breathing capacity, as well as classical osteopathic techniques in lumbar, thoracic spine, ribcage, and general biomechanics.

His hands-on techniques are amazing in terms of gentleness and efficacy.The teaching has been fun, engaging, and at the highest possible end in terms of quality.

Thor’s contribution has been highly appreciated by the students and we would like to welcome him back soon.

—Juan Guillon Head of Osteopathy Department Sri Sri University

Who Is Judith Johnson?

Judith’s greatest passion has always been in the development of methodologies and programs that transform hearts and minds, and optimize wellness. After years of training in various body/mind modalities, Judith was still in search of a breakthrough therapy when she discovered John Ray’s Body Electronics and Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing.This gave her the context for the development of PsychoNeuroEnergetics (PNE).

While studying and integrating Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory and his work on the Social Engagement System with her teaching and practice of PNE, Judith discovered Stanley Rosenberg’s work with the vagus nerve.The exercises she learned from Stanley have enhanced the power and effectiveness of her own work. She uses his techniques to tune up the nervous system and to mitigate against retraumatization before and after PNE sessions. She has been practicing and using Dr. Rosenberg’s techniques for almost four years and has found miraculous results.

Two years ago, she took a group of her students to study with Dr. Rosenberg in Denmark. After that, she decided she wanted to introduce his work in the States. She teamed up with Thor Phillipsen for this purpose.


Judith Johnson has hands of gold, and such a sharp intuition that she flies straight to the source of your discomfort.With the precision of a surgeon, she uses a simple yet brilliant technique of holding trigger points, while guiding you in a perfect extraction of whatever disrupts the free flow of energy throughout your body, mind and spirit. Judith is a woman of profound depth and experience, who creates a perfectly safe space as she exudes unconditional acceptance through every pore of her being.

—Joy Gardner, author of 12 books, including Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras

This work, PNE, is of the most profound order. It takes the threads of our lives and weaves them into a tapestry that can be clearly seen and understood. It unravels what doesn’t work, leaving you vibrantly alive and deeply centered.

—Benjamin Shield, Healers on Healing


We will meet from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM each day.

The Los Angeles seminar will take place at the home of Susan Joseph. Address and details will be provided upon registration.

Please contact Judith Johnson for any questions about the course: 828 773-3445 (cell) or email judithajohnson@mac.com.

Food and Lodging are not included in the cost of the course.

Transportation will not be provided to and from the airport.


The fee for the course is $995/person. The pre-registration fee is $395.

Each course is limited to 10 participants. If more, you will be added to our waitlist in which you will be notified of your participation.

There are two ways to pre-register:

  1. If you have a paypal account, to pre-register cut and paste (This is very important. Please do not retype.) the following in your internet browser address field and follow the instructions: paypal.me/j1johnson. Please note the course you wish to attend (L.A. or Hillsborough).
  2. You may send a check to Judith Johnson, 329 Eden Drive, Hillsborough, NC 27278.

Note that pre-registration requires both the completed registration form (following) and the pre-registration fee of $395.The remainder of the fee can be paid any time up to and including the first day of the course.

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