Practitioner Training Course

Practitioner Training is designed as an immersion in PNE study, experience, and practice, set within a framework of the Regenerative Living programs.The training is open to health professionals as well as individuals without prior therapeutic training. It may be utilized by those wishing to become PNE practitioners, current practitioners who want to repeat the training for further integration, and by people who simply want the training for their own personal growth and transformation. Certification will follow successful completion of the program requirements and carries various benefits and opportunities.

Intensive Practice Retreats

The Practitioner Training Course includes two, four-day, intensive, supervised-practice retreats.  The retreats provide a safe environment in which to develop point-holding and facilitation skills.

Through this journey, the most profound learning has been the un-learning. The stripping away of the desire to do, the desire to fix, the desire to make things happen, and instead, holding space so our bodies can be seen and heard.  This weekend was a reminder that there is amazing power and wisdom in the body, and it’s our job as facilitators to offer our clients space to listen to that inherent wisdom. —Amanda Hamm, Practitioner Training Group Wisdom Keepers

Teacher Training Course

The purpose of this training is to teach and empower PNE practitioners as instructors for the workshops and the practitioner training course. Teacher trainees will receive instruction and participate in a period of internship.  The internship will involve assisting in retreats, presenting in the webinars, presenting to groups of practitioner trainees and workshop participants, and supervising group sessions.