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PNE Training Retreats are taught six times a year every other month, the purpose being for practice

for ongoing webinar PNE students.

The practice Retreats can be taken by practitioners, students, and those that would like

to participate in the trainings.

The fee for the training Retreat  is $795.00.   PNE Practitioners can participate in the program

for 1/2 price.

Registration for the training program on line and registration fee is 1/2 of the training fee.

Application is recquired for the program and must be registered 1 month before training program.

They are taught in Los Angeles, Calif.   Hillsborough NC and Buching, Germany

They are taught the 2nd week end of the Month

European Dates: April 12, -15th   October

North Carolina,   January- June

The place for each

Regenerative Living Center   329 Eden Drive,  Hillsborough NC

Buching, Germany

The Meeting Point:  Agoura Hills NC

Los Angeles Dates  May 10th –  November