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Judith Johnson, CEO  Founder

Judith Johnson’s greatest passion has always been in the development of methodologies and programs that transform hearts and minds, and optimize wellness. Before PsychoNeuroEnergetics (PNE), Judith was a maverick in the early movement for body-oriented therapies. She founded an organization call the American Wellness Foundation through which many conferences, seminars, and speakers were sponsored in the Chapel Hill area in North Carolina.

Judith also completed trainings in  Transactional Analysis, Gestalt therapies, and body-oriented psychotherapies such as neo-Reichian and Radix Therapy.

After years of training in these different modalities, Judith still was in search of a breakthrough therapy that would integrate the body, emotions, and mind. Her further training in Body Electronics with John Ray and study of Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine, gave her the context for the development of PNE. She then added the Regenerative Living Program to support and accelerate the breakthroughs people were having with PNE.

Judith’s current project is studying and integrating Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory and his work on the Social Engagement System with her teaching and practice of PNE. She is working intensively with Stanly Rosenberg, author of the forthcoming book The Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve, based on Porges’ insights into neurobiology.
Judith is currently offering PsychoNeuroEnergetics practitioner training programs and Regenerative Living retreats in the U.S. and Europe.


The physical body is the doorway to spirituality and unconditional love. Through the physical body, the emotional body is accessed. When one transmutes the pain locked in the emotional field, the mind is then freed to encompass the dualities of life and to transmute all resistances created by fear, judgment and criticism. Herein lies the rediscovery of true spirituality, for now the door is open to the innocence of the heart and the purity of spontaneous expressions of forgiveness and unconditional love. —Judith Johnson

Judith Johnson, PsychoNeuroEnergetics