Through extended pressure at a client’s neurosomatic reflex points, PNE practitioners access and stimulate heightened functional processing and awareness, modulated through the endocrine and nervous systems. Coupled with skilled facilitation, this heightened awareness makes possible the healing of trauma and deep transformation at every level. Holding the points deeply stabilizes the body so that healing can take place without retraumatization.

The PNE work is holographic in that it simultaneously engages physical sensation, emotional feeling, mental perception, and opening to spiritual dimensions of experience. Many clients report connecting with their inner self and seeing their life from a perspective they could never have imagined. Others say they have become conscious of other dimensions and experience a return to some essential peace they had always longed for.

PsychoNeuroEnergetics uses the Regenerative Living Program as a stage for maximum benefits. The Regenerative Lifestyle provides the physical power and the energetic resilience to move through deeply transformative changes, both in sessions and in life.

I welcome you to experience PsychoNeuroEnergetics through private sessions, workshops, retreats and trainings.

–Judith Johnson

Neurosomatic Techniques

February 15 - May 18


March 13 - March 16