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In this course, there will be the amazing possibility of exploring tools that could take a person from disease to health and from depression to happiness. It will be a synthesis of some of the best from Polyvagal Theory, osteopathy, psychomotor therapy, the Stanley Rosenberg Method for the regulation of the vagus nerve, ancient yogic knowledge, and the deep transformative power of psychoneuroenergetics (PNE). You can expect a truly holistic exploration of great personal and professional value, whether you are a health care practitioner, therapist, or caregiver. It is also a great gift to carry forward for clients who suffer from nervous system disorders and psychological trauma.

The course will begin with a review of neuroanatomy, the nervous system as applied to the Polyvagal Theory, and a synopsis of the social engagement theory, all of which are extraordinarily useful in any kind of therapeutic work. Thor Phillipsen will explore a medical and psychological reframing of the nervous system and provide an overview of his work with Human Systems (HS). 

Many times, old trauma, limiting beliefs, and habitual emotional patterning can be hidden behind a faulty nervous system. These subconscious structures can create devastating effects.  Judith Johnson, founder of psychoneuroenergetics  (PNE), will gently and safely guide us to identify, resolve, and integrate these issues. Brett Fleisher, a skilled actor and teacher of both PNE and HS, will be assisting Thor and Judith, especially with those aspects of the work that restore balance.

Tools will be provided to improve the platform of everything you

experience in your life—that platform being the nervous system. Testing will be introduced for the discovery of specific issues. Hands-on manipulation will be taught for reducing stress and enhancing the function of the nervous system, including the hidden structures of social engagement. You’ll have the opportunity to experience some powerful approaches and techniques to  enhance social engagement through the use of neural exercises. These will involve individual, partner, and group experiences as well as hands-on therapy within the group. Games will be used to engage individual and group dynamics.

Beyond the specific points of knowledge you’ll acquire is the magic that is Thor and Judith. They are master teachers in their fields of expertise. 

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