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The Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve
A four-day course developed by master teacher Stanley Rosenberg
based on his new book to be released in May 2016
hosted by Judith Johnson in Hillsborough, NC (1/2 hour drive from Chapel Hill)
for practitioners, clients, and friends of PsychoNeuroEnergetics (and others)
June 15: 7pm–10pm, June 16-17: 9am–6pm, June 18: 9am–6pm
Pre-registration required: Regenerative Living Center, 919-245-8082 or Judith’s cell 828-773-3445 or judithajohnson@mac.com
Max class size: 14 people.
This will be the first of a series of courses that Stanley will be offering on his work with the vagus nerve. It will be highly participatory, experiential, and focused.
This initial course will lay the groundwork for restoring the physical basis for emotional health within the nervous system. We will rethink common psychological problems through the vagal theory, including anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, PTSD, autism, ADHD, and more. The exercises move deeply and are a powerful resource for helping oneself and others. This is a must-have, life-changing course for those suffering from nervous system disorders and other ailments resistant to conventional treatment. It will also be a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to increase their understanding of the body and the power of movement for greater physical and psychological well-being.
Stanley Rosenberg’s work is truly regenerative! He has integrated a huge body of knowledge, drawing from the polyvagal theory of Steven Porges and various cutting-edge healers through a lifetime of study and discovery. Getting to know Stanley and his work has been a great blessing in my life. Our conversations and the exercises he has shown me have added much to my understanding of the PNE and the larger healing process. He has previously taught in the U.S. at Yale, Brandeis, and Swarthmore College and will be taking precious time away from his clinic in Denmark to be with us. I feel very privileged to be hosting him through the Regenerative Living Center and encourage you to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. —Judith Johnson
For more on Stanley Rosenberg, see http://www.stanleyklinik.dk