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  Thor Philipsen and Judith Johnson

This comprehensive course  in neurosomatic techniques will begin with 8 1½ to 2 hour webinars culminating in a 4-day intensive, hands-on, supervised practice retreat. It will be based on psychoneuroenergetics and Thor’s work in Human Systems, and will also draw on the work of Stanley Rosenberg.

It is highly recommended for PNE and Points-Holding practitioners, especially earlier graduates of the practitioner training courses, and is also open to other health-care and wellness practitioners. It is also open to those who have been searching for ways to heal themselves and optimize their own performance, both physically and mentally.

In the retreat, there will be specific testing and hands-on practices for reducing stress and enhancing the function of the nervous system, including the hidden structures of the social engagement system. There will be neural exercises, deep vagal exercises, group and dyad exercises, and somatic sessions for deep explorations and healing of trauma.

This is an experiential course. There will be some grounding in theory, with the foundations laid in the webinars, but from the beginnning, you’ll be given tools to work with yourself and begin to teach to others. In the retreat, you’ll be working with subtle yet powerful tools to improve the platform of everything you experience in your life. You will be receiving a truly holistic and far-ranging knowledge base, most of which you’ll be able to put to use immediately in your therapeutic practice or in your own healing.

The retreat will  be offered at the home of Judith Johnson. Attendance is limited to 12 people. Two meals per day will be included, mostly consisting of regenerative food and drink buffets. Eight sleeping spaces are available for those who can share a room. Other options can be found nearby, but some may involve a cost.

There will be two separate webinar tracks. One group will work with both Thor and Judith; the other exclusively  with Thor. It is recommended that those who have not had any training in PNE or Somatic Experiencing attend the group with both Thor and Judith. Those who’ve already trained with Judith or Catalina Ureta may wish to study just with Thor for the series of eight webinars.

The first webinars will be offered Saturday morning, February 15. The retreat will be held May 15-18. The webinars will be held weekly, but several weeks will be skipped due to other commitments by Judith or Thor.

The fee is $995. Preregistration of $100 is required by February 1, 2020. It is nonrefundable. The remainder of the fee can be paid upfront, or with $200 at the beginning of each set of 4 webinars and $500 in the week before the retreat.

This course will introduce some of the work of PNE but will not qualify you as a PNE practitioner.

To preregister …

1. Please click here: paypal.me/j1johnson

2. When you are directed to the PayPal site, type in the amount of $100 and click on NEXT.

3. In the note box, type in Preregistration for Neurosomatic Techniques, February 2020.

4. Please DO NOT check the goods and services box.


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