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The West Coast Practitioner Training Course is taught by Judith Johnson and Catalina Ureta.

This professional training course is open to health professionals as well as those without prior therapeutic training. The training course provides opportunities to become a PNE practitioner, a chance to repeat training for further integration, or simply to experience personal growth and transformation. Trainees will leave the program with an all-encompassing, life-defining experience, and the tools needed to continue a fulfilling, regenerative lifestyle.

The Structure of the Course

This is intended to be a 1½ year course, but the length of time may vary depending on the scheduling of other events.

The training will be through webinars and retreats.

To learn more about the practitioner training course, click here or go to Programs > Professional Training > Practitioner Training Course.

Date and location

The course will begin in January 2019, with a series of webinars.

The practitioner training retreats for this course will be held in Los Angeles. You will also have the option to attend retreats on the east coast and in Europe.


5 modules of 8, 2-hour, weekly webinars: $400/module
2 intensive, 4-day retreats: $695/retreat (food and lodging extra)

To apply

Fill out an application. Send it to Judith Johnson as a Word or PDF file (judithajohnson@mac.com).

To preregister …

1. Please click here: paypal.me/j1johnson

2. When you are directed to the PayPal site, type in the amount of $100 and click on NEXT.

3. In the note box, type in Preregistration for West Coast Practitioner Training, January 2019.

4. DO NOT check the goods and services box.

Or send a check for $100 to Judith Johnson, 329 Eden Drive, Hillsborough, NC 27878.

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