I will soon be starting a new PNE practitioner-training course in Europe, sponsored and assisted by PNE Practitioner Sieglinde Hieronymus. The classes will be conducted in English. Please spread the word.

Following is a brief synopsis of the program, logistics and fees, requirements for certification, and the application form.

This professional training course is open to health professionals as well as those without prior therapeutic training. The training course provides opportunities to become a PNE practitioner, a chance to repeat training for further integration, or simply to experience personal growth and transformation. Trainees will leave the program with an all-encompassing, life-defining experience, and the tools needed to continue a fulfilling, regenerative lifestyle.

Features of the Training

Point Holding: Participants will learn the theory and practice of point holding, in which a practitioner holds specific points on the client’s body, adding the resources of stability, energy, and presence to the client. This connection is crucial in providing a recognition of deep support and safety. Holding the points also trains the facilitator’s nervous system to handle various energies and to hold a grounded space for transformation, with a loving and open heart and mind. Trainees will learn how to hold the space for themselves, others, and groups of people.

Facilitation:  Participants will be trained in how to safely access and catalyze the transformation of suppressed trauma, unconscious beliefs, reactive patterning, and other limited encodings. PNE Facilitation involves learning how to listen to the mind/body interface, and to provide the guidance needed by the client during their unfolding experience. A facilitator helps the client complete connections and movements until a complete experience is embodied and resolved.

An expert facilitator reads the language of the client’s body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Participants will be given the foundation to be able to respond to any type of experience that may unfold in a client, from unresolved trauma to extraordinary, even mystical, occurrences beyond everyday consciousness.

Somatic Release Technique (SRT) is similar to PNE, but without point-holding. The space is held energetically, some hands-on touch may be utilized for comfort or grounding, and there are some differences in the way an SRT session is tracked and facilitated, to avoid re-traumatization. SRT sessions ca be just as affective by video chat or phone as they are in person. You’ll be shown how to establish the connection and facilitate a session with anyone, whether sitting across from you or on the other side of the world.

Cleansing and Regeneration: The transformative power of PNE can be deepened through diet and lifestyle. Electrolyte saturation, cleansing, individualized healing tips, and fresh, raw food preparation for an alkalizing diet are an integral part of the program. The context of a regenerative lifestyle provides physical and energetic support in working with clients and also for clients in session.

Personal Growth and Development: Practitioner Training will provide the opportunity for each participant to explore his or her own personal healing, transformation, and development within the context of team consciousness. Many graduates of Practitioner Training have formed special bonds, and have remained life-long friends or associates with other members of their training group.

Advanced Training: For those who wish to continue beyond the basic PNE program, Judith offers a second year of training for advanced personal work. This includes spinal and cranio-sacral point-holding. These are powerful tools for opening up psychic centers, and relieving deep, physical manifestations. Although the cranio-sacral work is not required for practitioner certification, practitioners are encouraged to join this advanced training during the second year, to provide a deeper foundation for their own personal development.

Program Logistics

The introductory overview already took place in November, 2017. There is still the possibility of entering the course with the onset of the 1st instructional webinar, set to begin February 7, 2018, and continuing at 1 PM EST each week following.

The PNE Training is a year-and-a-half-long program consisting of:

Introductory PNE Overview, a 2-day workshop
5 modules of 8, 2-hour, weekly webinars
2 intensive, 4-day retreats

Introductory PNE Overview
A two-day intensive that will provide an introduction to the course, practice sessions for PNE and SRT, and initial instructions on implementing the Regenerative Living program. Food and housing will not be provided.

Webinars are 1.5 to 2 hours long. There may be occasional weeks without a webinar due to personal or holiday schedules. There will also be a break between each module. There will be at least 40 webinars over the course of the program. The webinars will be offered and recorded on Zoom and logged on Vimeo for those who wish to review them.

Intensive Practice Retreats
Two, four-day, intensive, supervised-practice retreats with Judith and a team of practitioners.  The retreats will provide a safe environment in which to develop point-holding and facilitation skills.

These retreats are open to participants in the European course as well as participants from the L.A.  courses, should they choose to attend. They are also open to practitioners who wish to review their skills and have a personal growth and development retreat.

There are several retreats planned over the next two years in both the U.S. and in Europe. European course participants may take the two required practice retreats in Germany or in L.A. They may take more than the two required retreats, if they wish.

The retreats will include:
Regenerative foods and cleansing
Supervised point-holding sessions, sometimes three times a day
Supervised SRT work
Demonstrations and evaluations of sessions
Physical movement and meditative exercises to enhance deep integration of sessions, including focused breath for the healing of the vagus nerve.

Registration Fee: $100 (due with application form)
Introductory Overview: $250 (due on or before the date of seminar)
Four-day practice retreat: $695.00 each (due on or before the date of retreat) There will likely be additional charges for food and housing, depending on the circumstances.
Webinars: $400.00 each module of 8 webinars. There are 5 modules. Payments may be made in installments of $200/month.

Practitioners who would like to review their training will be able to attend the webinars for $100/month. Practitioners may also attend the practice retreats without charge, except for travel, food, and housing. Practitioners please check first with Judith for approval to attend.

Payments may be made by check or through PayPal.

Fees also cover:
Guest lectures
Training materials
Access to the use of educational materials in archives (videos, audio recordings, rare books)

The fees will not cover the following (unless otherwise arranged)
Transportation to and from the training site
Books for required or recommended reading
Food and housing.


To be eligible for practitioner certification, participants must
1. Complete the training curriculum, including webinars and retreats.
2. Facilitate at least twelve PNE sessions and twelve SRT sessions in addition to those under supervision at retreats, and present an evaluation form for each session.
3. Receive at least twelve PNE and/or SRT sessions and present written reports with evaluations of those sessions.
5. Complete all required reading or recorded material.
6. Complete and pass the final trainee evaluation.
Certification will be awarded at the successful completion of the program requirements. However, to work as a certified PNE practitioner, it is suggested to that you obtain either a license for hands-on healing (i.e., ministerial, massage, nursing) or be supervised by a licensed healing practitioner.

PsychoNeuroEnergetics is an educational healing process, and it does not provide business and legal skills for healers. However, we hope to prepare PNE trainees with basic knowledge about liability and other legal issues and to answer questions about practicing PNE in Europe.

At the time of certification participants will be asked to sign the following liability disclaimer.
Disclaimer: PsychoNeuroEnergetics is a spiritual healing system that may have a transformational effect upon a person’s subtle-energy bodies. PNE is not a prescription for medical or psychological illness, nor are there any medical or psychiatric claims made. The trainings do not take the place of the licensing requirements for practice as a healing practitioner.


Registration is open now. To register for the course, please call Judith Johnson or Sieglinde Heironymous to let her know of your interest and send in the application by providing answers to the following questions. Send the file to judithajohnson@mac.com and sieglinde.hieronymus@gmx.de. In addition, note that there is a $100 registration fee, due with the application. This can be sent through paypal by pasting paypal.me/j1johnson in the address field of your browser and following the instructions.

It is recommended that you have at least two sessions with a PNE certified practitioner before taking the Practitioner Training Course. Once your application has been received, an interview will be arranged with Judith Johnson through an online video chat program like Skype.

Contact Information
City, State & Zip:
Phone, Skype, etc:

Basic Résumé

Previous Experience with PNE or Other Healing Modalities
Which practitioners have you worked with?
How many sessions have you had?
Which other types of therapies have you been involved with, as a client or practitioner?
Are you living some version of a regenerative lifestyle? (Please answer in detail.)

Medical Issues
Do you have any active addictions that you’re struggling with?
Are you taking anti-depressants or other prescription medications?
Are you seeing a counselor or mental health professional on a regular basis?

What are your goals for the Practitioner Training Course?
Why do you want to pursue this training?

Is there any information that is important for us to know about you that could affect your participation in this training?

Judith Johnson, (919) 245-8082 (home), (828) 773-3445 (cell), judithajohnson@mac.com