Questions People Are Asking about PNE Sessions

When events happen in life that are traumatic, they take us out of our natural way of being and leave behind a host of emotions and sensations that are too overwhelming to express at the time. These unprocessed emotions then become locked in the energetic centers of the body and brain, and if not expressed, can result in chronic stress, organ malfunction, physical ailments and disease, as well as disruptive behavior patterns, phobias and emotional imbalances.

When these unexpressed events are “re-experienced” in a safe environment, unfelt and unexpressed emotions are released at a cellular level. One becomes conscious of limiting thought patterns and can transform long buried and unfelt feelings.

Through the work of the PsychoNeuroEnergetic, you will be able to better understand the mind/body relationship, including emotional blockages and genetic linking. You can expect profound shifts in certain areas of your life and/or the entire ground of your being, usually accompanied by a series of deep emotional releases with corresponding memory associations that have controlled personality and dictated unwanted habitual behaviors.

How do I prepare for a session?
We recommend an alkaline diet high in enzymes and electrolytes for best results with the PNE. Your practitioner will offer you a shot of liquid trace minerals to boost your electrolyte levels immediately before the session. A healthy diet and the ingestion of mineral electrolytes in the days preceding a session will increase the body’s reserves.

Clear some time to rest, relax, and continue the integrative process after a session. Drink plenty of Kangen water, as your body may continue to clear out toxins for several days.

What is an PNE session?
The PsychoNeuroEnergetic (PNE) is simple yet profound. It incorporates extended acupressure point holding along with facilitation. Your trained PNE practitioner will also discuss with you the significance of electrolyte saturation, designed to support the nervous system in processing information and carrying light. The synergistic application of these tools on the body-mind matrix results in an accelerated transmutation of consciousness at the cellular level.

Within an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and honoring, suppressed emotional charges, trauma, unconscious beliefs, reactive patterning, and other limited encodings are accessed and released, dissolved, or transmuted. Unresolved charges, stored in the tissues, organs, bones, and energetic meridians and centers of the body can result in physical stress, organ malfunction, illness, and depression. During an PNE session, the healing process of clearing these subtle energy blockages brings one into greater internal harmony and integrity. When this occurs, the body can be freed from what was perceived as either a chronic physical ailment, or internalized emotional stress.

As the PNE journey unfolds, seemingly miraculous results may occur. With the clearing of constricted energetic patterns, the body and mind return naturally to the inherent Divine blueprint.

You cannot change the mind without affecting the body, or the body without affecting the mind.

What kind of facilitation is provided in an PNE session?
The practitioner provides a safe and supportive environment in which one can re-experience and connect sensations, emotions, and memory; gain deeper understandings; and recreate new and healthy pathways for experiencing our lives. From the client’s reports of their feelings and perceptions, the reading of sensations in the points and the ambient field, and observation of the body and general demeanor, the expert practitioner will empathically query, affirm, and support the client’s process as needed. Generally speaking, the facilitator follows the higher wisdom of the client’s own body and conceptual framework.

“When we speak of the “wisdom of the body,” we refer to the belief that we must learn to trust that symptoms in the body are often the only way the soul can get our attention.”

What will happen during my session?
During the session you will lie comfortably on a massage table. The practitioner will hold one or more points on the body continuously for a period of usually one to three hours. If the client has an intention to address a particular issue, the body will usually go there. However, there are times when what we think we need to address is not the same as the body’s knowledge of where we need to go. As the points are held, the body generally relaxes deeply. Then sensations may be felt that give rise to emotion or memory of past events. Once the holographic experience of a triggered event is grasped, the possibility arises of a resolution beyond duality and toward wholeness. The client may discover and resolve one or cycle through several issues within the framework of a session. In it’s own time, the body will reintegrate, now at a deeper level, and the energies of the client and practitioner naturally separate. Through the nature of the pulse in the points, the practitioner will know the moment this homeostasis occurs.

While the most typical session involves the resolution of traumatic events in earlier life, every session is different. The precise nature and outcome are not predictable. Some clients have gained knowledge of events in their ancestors’ lives and resolved generational patterning, remembered what appear to be past-life events or resolved issues of collective consciousness, cleared entities, received divine intervention and messages, seen angels—the possibilities for interdimensional healing through the PNE are unlimited.

How does the PNE practitioner know which points to hold?
If you have only one practitioner working with you, s/he will very likely hold what we call the STO points, in the occipital triangle between the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles, at the base of the occiput, about 1/2 inch under the base of the skull (GB 20 in Traditional Chinese Medicine). These points very powerfully access the nervous system and the body-mind matrix. For very specific issues or physical ailments, other points can also be used, as needed.

Your practitioner will ask you to fill out a client report form and discuss it with you. There are certain contra-indications for point-holding generally or for working with specific points. Your practitioner may suggest working with the Somatic Release Technique, which involves facilitation similar to that of the PNE, but without point-holding.

What am I responsible for in a session?
You are responsible for maintaining an attitude of lovingly and willingly re-experiencing previously suppressed emotion and memory; for reporting to the facilitator your sensations, feelings, thoughts, and visual images; and for remaining with the process until your body has reached completion.

How many sessions should I have ?
You may choose to have only one or a whole series of sessions, depending on your needs.

What benefits can I expect to gain from PsychoNeuroEnergetic Sessions?
Dissolution of life-long reactive patterns.
Release from physical and emotional tension.
Presence and grounding in the body.
An easier sense of intimacy with oneself and others.
The discovery of new, potent life-strategies.
An inner sense of clarity, purpose, and destiny.
A spontaneous return to joy, peace, and freedom of choice.
A deep insight into the human condition.
The fulfillment of a stronger connection with the Divine.

How can I get a session?
You can book a session by calling me, Judith Johnson, at 919-241-3151 or 828-773-3445, or by sending me an email at
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