PsychoNeuroEnergetics (PNE) is a profoundly effective body-based therapy. In utilizing PNE, the nervous system is fully activated in healing the paralyzing effects of trauma. And this is just the beginning …

Through extended pressure at reflex points, PNE practitioners access and stimulate heightened functional processing and awareness, modulated through the endocrine and nervous systems. Coupled with skilled facilitation, this heightened awareness makes possible deep transformations at every level.

The activation and heightened functionality of the nervous system through point-holding is the inroad not only to physical connections of brain and viscera through the central and autonomic nervous systems, but also to concomitant emotional and mental connections of the heart and mind.

The power of point-holding is beginning to be explained by new discoveries in neuroscience. I am particularly interested in the discoveries by Stephen Porges of the social engagement system and polyvagal theory. I have also begun to incorporate Stanley Rosenberg’s exercises for establishing greater nervous system functionality and I am looking forward to working more closely with him.

There are points all over the body that can be held to access healing. However, the primary points we use are those that access both the brain stem and the vagus nerve, thereby engaging both the central and the peripheral nervous system. Processing from the ventral vagal makes it safe to access sensations and feel emotions that were too hard to bear at the time of trauma. Holding the points deeply stabilizes the body so that healing can take place without retraumatization.

The PNE work is holographic in that it simultaneously engages physical sensation, emotional feeling, mental perception, and opening to spiritual dimensions of experience. Frozen energies, unresolved feelings, limited beliefs, and spiritual separation can be perpetuated by survival instincts and protective mechanisms in crisis situations, if they remain unreleased and unresolved. These hidden, unconscious patterns can mask true personality and dictate habitual, unhealthy behavior.

Whether a session is about healing old trauma or the reconnection of the soul to the deeper mysteries of existence, there is always a movement toward greater wholeness. Every session takes you closer to the truth of your being and the full expression of your highest nature.

Many clients report, “finding the inner joy of re-connecting with their inner self” and “seeing their life from a perspective they could never have imagined.” Others say they “have become conscious of other dimensions” and “experience a return to some essential peace they had always longed for.” You can expect deep and profound shifts from this work.

PsychoNeuroEnergetics uses the Regenerative Living Program as a stage for maximum benefits. This program is an introduction to lifestyle changes based on the wisdom of the longest-lived people of the world blended with the latest strategies of modern science.

The Regenerative Lifestyle provides the physical power and the energetic resilience to move through deeply transformative changes.

I welcome you to experience PsychoNeuroEnergetics through private sessions, workshops, and trainings.

—Judith Johnson


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